Friday, February 5, 2016

"The LOVE Concept" from Adida Fallen Angel

The LOVE Concept - An Art Installation by Adida Fallen Angel at the Shmanmonet Café, Tel-Aviv. From the artist: We would like to invite you to celebrate the creation and the opening of Adida's new art installation title The LOVE Concept inside the Shmanmonet Café in Tel-Aviv. Come celebrate 7 days of creative exploration which will expand daily and will give the Shmanmonet Café a fresh new vibrating touch for you to enjoy. Good vibes, sweet tunes, delicious drinks and limited edition artworks from the artist will be available during the event. Hope to see you there! * Creation of installation: February 4th to February 10th 2016. The Shmanmonet Café will be working as usual during the installation and you are welcome to come and have a drink, good food, say hello, take pictures and enjoy the art. It has begun! New LOVE concept Art installation at The Shamanmonet Cafe. Day One! Pix by my zen lover @la_juana #art #illustration #typography #installation #culturetrip_tlv #insta_israel #insta_telaviv #style #streetart #graffiti #adidafallenangel #love * Opening night: February 11th 2016 From 19:00 to MidNight. * Sound By DJ INSPIRE LINKS & CONTACTS: * Shmanmonet Café - * Adida Fallen Angel - Instagram: * Curator - Ana Veas - * Event Cordinator & Promoter - Mati Ale - Project concept: The Love Concept started at the end of 2015 in Montreal where Adida currently lives. It expanded and now is in full effect in Tel-Aviv where he has been creating several large-scale murals following that concept. The Love Concept murals are Adida’s search for a deeper meaning into one of the most used and maybe abuse cliché of them all: LOVE. For Adida LOVE is extremely important and vital to his creations, it goes hand in hand with what he considers as a high standard virtue one should have and seek to improve. By creating these murals, Adida whishes the audience to dive into the art piece and literally find some love. By using abstract repetitive typography, Adida examines the common problem we are facing today in the world where we are surrounded by love but cannot see it or feel it even if it’s right in front of us. Adida also covers the typo wallpaper with detailed flowing lines connected to many illustrative eyes which stands for Adida’s belief that one can sense another ones love by looking into their eyes. These murals are extremely conceptual, intricate yet very simple to understand; we all need and want love, but we must be patient and open to find it. *** Artist Bio: * Born in Israel, Adida Fallen Angel is an adventurous and insatiable character. Terrified of routine and normality, he has an incredible longing to explore the world and all its different facets. He has been traveling for the past 17 years, spending time in Brazil, New York, San Diego, Rotterdam, Berlin, Paris and has lately chosen Montreal to be his newest home. Adida is a visual artist and a musician and spends most of his time searching for creative ways to express himself and share his universe with whomever he comes across. Ana Veas - Curator: * Ana has been working as a curator and organizor for the past few years at the Fresh Paint Gallery in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2011 by the Under Pressure Graffiti International Convention, Fresh Paint is an alternative project working on giving new life to empty spaces by turning them into temporary cultural spaces. Fresh Paint Gallery is a space for exhibitions, education and events. Its goal is to find balance in between cultural and educational activities while keeping the promotion of urban culture as a main goal. Mati Ale - Producer * Mati Ale is a blogger and self-taught artist, Tel Aviv is a city that I breathe it 24/7 and creativity which is one of the burning passion in me, art is a way to express my thoughts, it's my way to create a dialogue with the region and its people through writing and initiative. I have projects co-creator Mathtlv (Mtmgntim Treasure Hunt), notice (a permanent exhibition for blind and visually impaired community in Israel vision), seventh floor (exhibition of graffiti and street art in Israel), wall color (Neve Tzedek)

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