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Direct Action Against GMO in Holon, Israel

Direct action against GMO, Holon, Israel, 26.11.2013
...activists mark a baby formula that contain genetically modified products (GMO) during a protest inside a supermarket in the city of Holon, calling to mark baby formulas that contain genetically modified products (GMO), November 26 ,2103. The activists labeled baby formulas that contain genetically modified products, and blocked an area i the supermarket for several hours. Greenpeace claims that "Materna" baby food company misleads the public. by marking on the packaging that the food is "GMO free", when in fact laboratory tests have proved the opposite.
Need to know more about GMO and why its fucked up? Watch this documentary for a start, its focus is the U.S. but understand that the GMO problem is worldwide at this point:


TLV_23.11.13_046 by millikatz
TLV_23.11.13_046, a photo by millikatz on Flickr.

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"White Sun Of The Desert" - KLONE Solo Show @ Zimmer

Borrowing its name from one of the most epic and memorable Russian movies of all times, in which action, comedy, and drama all blend together and tell a story of one hero that against all odds survives his enemies and is looking for his way home, this show comes to show the many individual heroes that survive the everyday struggle while all they're looking for is a little bit of luck to make their journey a little easier. Desert survival as synonym to city life, with the hards and the little joys, the magic, beautiful moments and the memories to build upon. There are times to burn fires and there are times to retreat into the shadows. What time is now, only the desert will decide for us.
See more: www.kloneyourself.com

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Devi 1 @ StreetArtNYC.org

Check out the interview here:

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