Monday, May 31, 2010


INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL (Process Preview): GERBOS (by ! INSPIRE Collective !)
Even though INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL is scheduled to happen in a few months (in the later part of August), we're getting an early start! As we prepared for INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL here in the Middle East, things are taking shape organically as they always seem to do...The festival's OPEN CALL FOR ART is still on until July 31st, so get with it!! To learn more about this year's INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL in Tel Aviv:

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Above: GERBOS (from Madrid, now living in London) paints ahead of time on a wall for the upcoming INSPIRATION ART FESTIVAL, inTel Aviv-Yafo. Insisting that he paint while he's visiting with us this month since he won't be in the area during the festival, we couldn't refuse such a talented artist!
See more GERBOS art here:

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Bomb-It!" Screening in Tel Aviv LIVE w/ Director Jon Reiss! 5/23/10 @ 8pm - Comfort 13

Sunday, May 13 - 8pm @ Comfort 13 inTel Aviv: An incredible introduction into the global dedication of public vandals and artists alike, “Bomb-It!” presses the viewer to open their minds to the art-forms & lives of graffiti/street artists as they do their thing. The film seems to go straight to the heartbeat of this international subculture & as the public art movement progresses around the world, Jon travels to many different areas, and next month he’ll be in Tel Aviv! We’re honored to host a screening of the original film, “Bomb-It!” live with Jon Reiss ...see above image for screening details!
Also visit the movie's website: for more about the film &Jon Reiss’. Bomb it!!!
INSPIRE Collective w/ Jon Reiss @ Comfort 13: Tel Aviv "Bomb-It!" Screening - Time-Out Magazine (by ! INSPIRE Collective !)