Thursday, October 2, 2008

KNOW HOPE Talks About "Temporary Residence", His Debut Solo Show in San Jose

temporary residence
Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art website has covered many Know Hope street works and group exhibitions, but when we heard his first solo show was happening , we had to know more. Tel Aviv Graffiti and Street Art(T.A.G.S)asked KNOW HOPE about his debut solo show happening tomorrow in San Jose, CA and here's what he had to say:

T.A.G.S: First of all, let me congratulate you on your first solo show! I am sure it will be incredible! Can you explain the name of the show and its meaning?

KNOW HOPE: I think the name of the show (Temporary Residence), this time around, is quite literal. There is this timeless timeliness that composes our existence, and for that matter, everything around us as well. what was dramatic yesterday is nostalgic today, so in a way we are creating our future memories based on the fact that a current moment is something that will disappear or change form. the whole idea of "home", as something that is usually meant to make for a foundation, gets a whole new perspective when being replaced by the word "residency".these common moments, these specific time frames make for our temporary residency, in a way.

T.A.G.S: Why San Jose for your first solo and what's up with Gallery A.D.?

KNOW HOPE: Anno Domini aka Gallery AD is a really cool gallery located in san jose, CA. The gallery first opened in 2000 and has been showing great artists and supporting the independent art scene ever since, alongside many other efforts to promote art and creative innovation outside of the gallery as well. the good folks responsible for all this, Cherri and Brian, are great and have a really good thing going, and when they offered me my first solo show, it felt just right to have it with them.

T.A.G.S: What works will be shown and what's the Gallery A.D. space like?

KNOW HOPE: I'll be doing a site specific installation in the space alongside a group of new pieces made specially for this show. the space is an old movie theater turned gallery, so it makes for quite an interesting space to work in.

We wish KNOW HOPE all the best with his debut solo show, "Temporary Residence"

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